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The Plain White T's are a band that guest stars on one of the i Carly episodes, i Rue The Day.

Spencer Shay saves Tom, the lead singer's, life, and as a thank-you, he was able to get the band on the next i Carly webshow.

PHOTOS: Recent celeb weddings On July 3, Reeves Instagrammed a pic with her love, holding up their marriage license via Instagram. The bachelors featured included Lopez, financier Ben Patton, and entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello. (Skinny ties, I'm looking at you.) Why, just a few years ago I remember having a hard time finding the “in” trend in jeans at an affordable price: bootleg. There are, however, trends that come and go, and then come again, then go down in a whirlwind of hate, and then pop back up in 30 years as being cool.Recently, the band has hit major success with their latest album release Every Second Counts.Born in the suburbs of Chicago, lead singer Tom Higgenson was originally fascinated with the drums, performing in various pop and rock bands in high school.

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We'd play a show in Villa Park, have friends' bands from all around the 'burbs play that show and get our fans.

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