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Former NAVY SEAL Jonny Kim completed 100 combat missions earning a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with Combat “V”.Degree in Mathematics (USD), MD at Harvard Medical School and NASA’s 2017 Astronaut Candidate.Original broadcast date: 01/12/99 Topic: animal biology/behavior, unexplained phenomena Submarines, Secrets, and Spies Go to the companion Web site At the height of the Cold War, US subs gathered secrets that neither spies nor satellites could expose.Until recently, almost nobody knew the hidden history of their tragedies and triumphs.Which begs the question: why three aircraft carriers in the Arabian Sea, and for how long? "Everyone in this strike group played a part in making that happen and it's a part of history we will always share," Horan said. Abraham Lincoln conducted work-ups for months to train, man and equip the CSG prior to it deploying to the U. 5th Fleet AOO, to support maritime security operations, counter-piracy operations, theater security cooperation efforts, and conduct air missions over Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. Carl Vinson is not only a different ship, it's an entirely different kind of ship - an aircraft carrier. Now back to our regularly scheduled tin foil hats... Do you really expect to get through life buying-in to that sort of krud? I am neither a musician nor a radio engineer, but I am sure a competent one, measuring the beat frequencies, might find the relative resonant harmonic value of them to determine their relationship to the natural electromagnetic resonant cavity of the earth (around 8 cps ("Hz"), 186'282 miles per second, divided by earth circumference 25'000 miles = around 7.5 cps). Solar Winds stroking our magnetosphere like a wineglass, or else 2. Back in the mid-1980s or so, I used to pick up the Russian "Woodpecker" on my all-band SW radio, and it sounded exactly like a woodpecker, too !

Since it was first reported more than 60 years ago, hundreds claim to have witnessed the Loch Ness Monster, while one scientist after another has brought the latest technology to the loch to probe the phenomenon.See more » The missile loadout on the F-14s change during the dogfight with the Zeros, with missiles disappearing and reappearing between shots, most notably with the Sidewinder that fired at the second Zero being visible on the Tomcat after it had been fired.See more » THE FINAL COUNTDOWN at times presents a doctoral thesis of sorts on the perils of time and space and alterations with events supposedly set in stone.We don't know, and we certainly won't until the next deployment of the carrier, currently located in San Diego to receive aircraft and another 2000 sailors, is announced but it does seem coincidental that the same aircraft carrier which the Iranian General Ataollah Salehi warned back in Janiary 2012 "not to return to the Persian Gulf" was being loaded to the gills with weapons ahead of the following three major macro events: i) the sudden and unexpected fall of the US-supported Yemen government; ii) the biggest re-escalation in the Ukraine civil war since the spring of 2014, and iii) the death of the King Abdullah.And who knows what other "unexpected" geopolitical events are about to surprise the world?

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Twenty-five years after their first, groundbreaking expedition to Loch Ness, NOVA joins two American scientists as they return to Scotland for one last go at Nessie.

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