Template for validating an assessment tool

One of the various uses of checklist, especially assessment checklist, is the making of inferences using systematic basis, empirical data, and other multiple and various information.

Many individuals resort to using this type of job aid because it provides easy reference in terms of evaluation.

If you are interested to learn a new checklist, then add assessment checklist on your list.

Assessment checklist is very helpful in so many fields of discipline from business, academics, medical, agriculture, etc.

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In August, 2014, The State Board of Education also approved the Work-Study Practices competencies.

The competency validation rubric was field tested for validity and reliability against local competency statements with the participation of over two hundred teachers statewide.

Assessment is defined as the process used in order to determine, measure, and evaluate the nature, ability, and other characteristics of a specific matter.

The New Hampshire Department of Education coordinated the project with the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment and The Center for Collaborative Education.

These competencies are approved by the State Board of Education for statewide use.

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A checklist used for assessment is a tool used in evaluating and measuring using specific criteria that allow an individual to gather information in order to make a judgment regarding the matter being assessed.

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