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So she stripped down to her birthday suit with wet beach sand covering parts of her body and performed a WWE-style wrestling move on her date while the producers egged her on, according to the million suit filed in Manhattan by her high- powered lawyer, Matthew Blit. I was horrified,” Nizewitz told The Post, explaining that she was brought to tears. “One of the messages read, ‘So your money shot is on cable TV.’” Even the runway model’s family caught an eyeful. I saw her this week and she didn’t have much to say to me. Nizewitz’s suit names Viacom, which operates VH1, and two production companies, Firelight Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment.

When the episode aired on July 31, Nizewitz became the butt of jokes on You Tube, Twitter and Tumblr, the papers state. “I think they owe me a huge apology,” Nizewitz said.

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