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He’s a contributing writer for Red Letter Christians, and has also written for The Ooze, Emergent Village, and Sojourners.

I hope you will consider subscribing to Kurt’s Pangea Blog; there’s some great stuff there. If so, did you ever go through a time where you questioned your faith and explored other options? I can trace both sides of my family tree to the MB movement that fled persecution during the late 1800’s.

Basically, I grew up in an environment that felt like straight-laced evangelicalism with a unique ethnic culture (Mennonites are known for their food and quilts).

It wasn’t until I started reading books by emerging church types that the question of nonviolence came back to my attention for serious consideration.

I briefly considered calling this post “Mennonite and Single,” but that sounds too much like a profile I might put on a Mennonite dating site—a “here I am, come and get me” type of line. You can read her post, called “The Idol of Marriage,” here.

Several of my non-Mennonite friends, concerned about my lack of a husband, have actually suggested I start a dating service such as that . The guy—his name is Joel—was all like: In this individualistic day and age, marriage has become an inconvenience.

Their men can wear shorts, even if we’re not supposed to.

No way could I have come up with something that corny myself.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really learned a lot.

Kurt is writer and pastor who is preparing for church planting by finishing work towards a Master of Divinity degree at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.

If you were not raised Mennonite, what caused you to consider that tradition and eventually subscribe to it? Yes, I was raised “Mennonite.” Actually, I’m part of an offshoot group called the Mennonite Brethren. My Great Grandpa Penner boarded a ship in the dark of night to find a new home that would be hospitable to their way of life. So, yes, I was raised Mennonite, but here’s where things get interesting… Two distinctive convictions that shaped the Anabaptist (broad Mennonite tradition from the radical reformationperiod) way include: 1) nonviolence and 2) suspicion of earthly governments (nationalism).

By the time I was being reared in the church, only a slim minority actually held to these views.

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In fact, some of them are having a greater impact on our culture. Then, when we go into missions, we learn to let the indigenous people apply scripture how they see best fit for their culture.

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