Football player dating espn reporter

It could be a sign that Gordon isn't putting forth his best efforts to get back into the NFL despite applying for reinstatement in March.

On Thursday, it was revealed the league has denied his petition to return to the league.

Gordon's most recent petition for reinstatement was denied in May. Speaking last year after Gordon checked into a rehab facility, coach Hue Jackson said "we're moving on." That's apparently not the case if 26-year-old Gordon can get back in the league's good graces.

The latest implosion was just a sad, spineless capitulation.()WACO, Texas -- As Baylor University's board of regents reviews a law firm's findings about the school's response to sexual violence allegations -- many involving its football players -- Outside the Lines has obtained documents that detail largely unknown allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence and other acts of violence involving several Baylor football players.According to the police documents, at least some Baylor officials, including coaches, knew about many of the incidents, and most players did not miss playing time for disciplinary reasons.Koetter praised Martin's quickness in Thursday's preseason win over Jacksonville but wouldn't commit to him starting when he returns in Week 4.Martin has said and done all the right things and has by all accounts been the team's best halfback this summer.

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The man responsible, Michael David Barrett, was charged with interstate stalking and taking and posting the videos.

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