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The Hague — An international children's rights group said on Monday it had passed details of 1,000 alleged Internet sex offenders to Interpolafter trawling video chatrooms with the aid of a computer-generated 10-year-old Filipina 'girl' named Sweetie.Although the majority of Filipino singles are genuine and serious about finding a partner; unfortunately a few of them turn out to be scammers and malign Filipinos on online dating sites."This requires a new way of policing." The group's researchers were inundated with potential predators when they went online with a lifelike, digitally-animated persona named Sweetie.The scammer may pretend to be an attractive, potential partner and strike up an online relationship with you.It may take some time and seem extremely believable.Men are not only scarce, but a good one is next to impossible to find.Men in Russia are prone to alcoholism, unemployment, and abuse.

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She said the children came from an impoverished family, and their mother was a widow.

Liborio Carabbacan, at the National Police Women and Children Protection Centre, said the incidents were increasing in the Philippines because many people were gaining access to the internet and English fluency was common, making it possible to communicate with would-be customers.

Lonely Russian women are commonplace in Moscow and other major Russian cities where men are dramatically outnumbered by the opposite sex.

Mothers and daughters alike bemoan the lack of options available to them romantically.

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Scammers may use carefully prepared webcam images or footage of themselves which may initially seem flattering, but can increasingly become coercive and explicit.

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