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This can be confusing, scary and counterintuitive in that the way that a family would demonstrate caring towards a healthy member of their family is NOT the way that they should towards an active alcoholic.

Diana Clark, JD, MA, of Family Healing Strategies ( has written and recorded an audio book called "What Love Looks Like: When Your Adult Child Struggles with Addiction" that talks about this exact issue, and provides clarity, hope and suggestions for how families can find a new way to love a family member suffering from active alcoholism or drug addiction.

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I have had the honor of working with addiction specialists who focus on the treatment of the families of those with addictions.

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One quote from a family who had attended one of her workshops demonstrates the confusion that families face: "We all want our kids to be so happy-especially my generation. It has been so freeing for me personally to let go of this." - R. Many parents show love through trying to help their child to have a "happy" life.

I never realized until I went to your seminar how much I felt responsible for making my son "happy" so he wouldn't use. This may work well for those without addictions, but parenting those with addictions required a different skill set and often involves a new road map.

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Anthony knows that his mother has been drinking again.

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