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Nel 2004 ha partecipato come co-protagonista nel film The Butterfly Effect e successivamente ha interpretato Eve in Crank (2006) e Crank: High Voltage (2009). Was named one of "Organic Style" magazines "Women with Organic Style".

"He's from there and my parents live there, so it's been my second home since I was very young," Smart explained to Us at the time.Bobby said the couple is planning what he calls a “huge Catholic wedding” in March in Panama with all of their family and friends in attendance.“Her family lives in Panama,” Bobby said.“Claudia is from Venezuela and it’s a rough place, so most people do everything they can to leave there. but she has friends and family all over the world, too.”Bobby said it’s important to have the religious ceremony.“She is Catholic, and I was raised Southern Baptist,” Bobby said.[Being asked about a crazy fourth of July event]: We were in the Hamptons, and we stayed at some castle, and everyone was partying. I didn't get any sleep all weekend - you couldn't sleep if you wanted to.So after all the other parties were over, everyone came back to the castle.

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