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The next year, the interest added to the value of the investment will be 5% of the 5.Compound interest causes the amount of interest earned to increase with every compounding period.When the interest earned on an investment is simple, the investor only earns interest on his initial investment.The interest earned with simple interest is the product of the interest rate, the time since the investment (usually measured in years), and the principal.And that's useful, but what if I care about how much carbon I have after 1/2 a year, or after 1/2 a half life, or after three billion years, or after 10 minutes? A general function, as a function of time, that tells me the number, or the amount, of my decaying substance I have.So that's what we're going to do in this video.

The type of equation that describes the type of growth that increases over time is an exponential equation, introduced in our module Exponential Equations in Science I: Growth and Decay.

But it's not as useful if we're trying to figure out how much of a compound we have after 1/2 of a half-life, or after one day, or 10 seconds, or 10 billion years.

And to address that issue in the last video, I proved that it involved a little bit of sophisticated math.

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