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When I was little, our mothers never danced like this!

This is the result of what Senegalese people see in music videos from the West" says Abby a 27-year-old student in Paris.

One of the videos shows women gyrating and rolling their behinds to the rhythm of drums without hesitating to show their most intimate parts.

Many believe that "Leumbeul", which is originally a traditional dance, has morphed into a practice that they deem detrimental to the image of the Senegalese woman.

Last March, a video titled Sabar bou graw (indecent dance in Wolof, the main Senegalese language), made its grand entry on the internet and has since become very popular within the blogging community as well as on social networking site.

7 minutes later, I’m just getting warmed up and BOOM.

Dan sejak itu dia makin rajin melakukan senam seks untuk lebih menambah kenikmatan ngewe yang biasa kami lakukan.

Aku merasa kaget, ternyata yang selama ini kulakukan dengan diam-diam dengan kakak iparku telah diketahui oleh si Inah.

Namun, walaupun ibu keras, di luar rumah aku termasuk cewek bandel dan sering tukar-tukar pacar, tentunya tanpa sepengetahuan ibuku.

Tapi suatu saat, pada saat aku duduk di kelas 2 SMA, ibuku pergi mengunjungi nenek yang sakit di kampung.

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